Using a dynamic range of features, RMS Housekeeping improves efficiency for hotel managers, department heads and housekeeping staff, by ensuring everything is cleaned, maintained and organised.

Entirely cloud­-based, the Housekeeping module comes with a vast array of automated functions designed to assist the property's housekeeping department through the completion of everyday tasks.

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Housekeeping Module Features

Housekeeping StaffRosters

Staff Rosters

Produce staff rosters and assign individual tasks for the housekeeping staff.

Housekeeping Instant Room Ready V2

Instant Room Ready

At a click, reception is instantly notified when a room has been serviced and is available.

Housekeeping Portable


Based on smartphones and tablets, Housekeeping is convenient for staff to access. An internet connection is all that is required. 

Reports RMS

Numerous Status Reports

Real­time status reports enable rapid updates. Instantly access room status across the entire property.

“You will love the ability to manage daily housekeeping tasks at the touch of a button - from daily operational schedules to resource forecasting.”

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