Linked Gateways

Payment Gateways are an e-commerce application provided by merchant services to authorize and process credit card payments in a PCI compliant manner.

Setting up RMS to connect with a Payment Gateway merchant account provides the ability to securely process payments or refunds directly from any account in RMS.

The following Payment Gateways are currently available for interface in RMS:

The availability of a specific Payment Gateway Provider is determined by your country of operation.

Click Here to access our Knowledge Base article on PCI Compliance, Payment Gateways, and our FAQs

Obtaining a Gateway Account

Prior to being able to process payments via a Payment Gateway in RMS, you will require an account with your chosen provider.

To begin this process, first, contact your bank to enhance your merchant facility to be e-commerce enabled.

Once your merchant facility has been enhanced for e-commerce, contact your chosen provider to sign up for an account.